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Chloe put her bag down and started rummaging through it, bending over with her ass towards me. "Shit, I ran out the door so fast I forgot to bring sunscreen. Did you guys bring any?" "I have some over here." Matt said, as he walked over and grabbed him from the ground next to his chair. "Oh, thanks!" Chloe said, quickly taking it out of his hand. She then shimmied out of her shorts, revealing a bright, neon green bikini bottom underneath. "I feel weird. You guys all have chairs, but I just brought a towel." "There's chair rentals by the front." Maggie chimed in. "But they're pretty expensive -- you can take mine. I think I'm gonna go in the water for a bit anyway." "Are you sure?" "Yeah, no problem. Any friend of Aunt Jen and Matt is welcome to use our stuff." They smiled at each other as Chloe started rubbing lotion all over her naked top half. She naturally turned to Mike, whose long penis was still jutting outward like a split tree trunk. "You didn't wanna go to the sauna with the rest of your family?" Chloe asked him. "No, ha ha, I had other plans." "Do you usually come to the beach with them?" "Actually, no, this is my first time coming with them in a number of years. I'm still kind of warming up to it." "Oh, well good to know. I'm kind of new to it myself. Your Aunt convinced me to come here." "Yeah...it's a little weird." Chloe laughed slightly, rubbing lotion into her breasts. "Not used to seeing your sister naked?" Mike just laughed nervously. Maggie chimed in from nearby: "Oh, shut up -- he'll get over it!" The three of them laughed together. "Anyone wanna volunteer to get my back side?" goodpornsites Chloe asked the group, untying the ties to her bathing suit bottom. It gradually came undone, falling diagonally off her body onto the sand. "I gotcha!" Maggie said. Chloe smiled and handed her the bottle. Maggie didn't waste time, quickly getting started in the same fashion we had done each other just minutes ago. "I'm gonna touch your butt." Maggie warned Chloe. "Ha ha, no biggie." Chloe said back as Maggie rubbed circles of lotion into her tiny, compact little butt. "Spread the legs a little?" Maggie requested. Chloe silently obeyed and Maggie lathered up Chloe's inner regions. Mike gazed from nearby with his arms at his sides, eyes glued as he watched his naked sister rub up all over another naked, beautiful woman who seemed to have descended down the heaven. Maggie finished up and Chloe thanked her. Mike, Maggie, Chloe, Aunt Jen, and myself all stood in a circle having a big group chat while Alice's laid spread eagle on her chair, soaking up the sun just feet away. Mine and Mike's penises were still erect, and they pointed at each other as we stood in our little huddle. Aunt Jen asked Chloe where was her boyfriend. She seemed slightly annoyed at the question, but she explained that her growing interest in nudity-friendly activities made him uncomfortable and they have decided to spend the remainder of their vacation doing separate things and reconvene when it was time to leave. Aunt Jen said "Well, if he ever changes his mind and wants to come join the party, let me know. He's always welcome!" Of course he was. Later, me and Maggie went into the water with each other. While we were there, I asked her about the photos we took. "So, cuz, did you ever send the photos we took in the hotel room to Sean? Did he get angry?" She laughed. "Yes, he did. Thank you so much, cousin. Even if the video stays up, I'm glad I was able to get back at him. He was soooo mad." "Really? Great!" "He keeps texting me nasty things but I'm just ignoring him now." We smiled together as we floated around in the waves for a moment. "If you ever need to get back at him again, whatever you wanna do -- just let me know, cuz. Feel free to make me your guinea pig." "Actually, now that you say that, I got an idea." "Yeah?" "Yeah, come on, come with me real quick." My cousin dragged me by my hand and I followed her out of the water. Her ass cheeks jiggled gloriously as we reach the shoreline. We walked back to our base. Aunt Jen and Alice were sitting on their chairs, quietly talking, holding hands, Mike was nowhere to be seen, and Chloe was laying tits-up on Chloe's chair, letting the sun envelop her. Maggie swiftly grabbed her phone, and told me to follow her. "Where we goin'?" I asked. "No one goes over here." she simply said. We walked quite a distance behind what appeared to be an empty shower hut. She took me behind it where no one could see us. "Okay, I know what will really piss him off even more." Maggie said. "What's that?" "Okay, so...you're cool with whatever right? Like nothing's too weird?" "What is it, cuz?" "Okay, Sean really loved coming to Haulover, so I wanna ruin it for him. "Okay?" "I'm gonna take a video of me giving you a blowjob, and when you're done, you're finish on my face." I froze. I didn't know how to react, except for below my waist, which immediately began stiffening again. Maggie looked nervous. "Is that too uncomfortable?" "No, no, that's fine. Just like last time it's for a good cause." "Okay, great!" Maggie immediately opened her camera app and got down on her knees. She grabbed my semi-erect penis and starting it jerking it up and down to make it 100%. "What is someone comes back here and sees us?" I expressed in concern. "No one comes back here." "Are you sure?" "Cousin, I'm here every year. No one's over here ever." Her enormous tits jerked up and down like she was operating a jackhammer as my cousin stroked my cock up and down. Soon my veins began popping out and I was ready. Maggie readied her camera. "Ready?" she asked me. "Go." She started recording. She gave the camera a huge smile and casually brushed her hair behind her hairs. "Hi, Sean, how's it going? Missing you! I'm here at Haulover, our favorite spot. While I was here I figured I'd make another video for you to upload." And then my cousin opened her mouth up real wide and gave my rock hard penis a real, skillful deep throat. She held it at the base and bobbed her head in and out. Whether she wanted me to or not, I let out a big moan, closed my eyes and tilted my head back. She looked at the camera smiling again. "I thought I'd be alone here this time, but ya know, there's just so much cock everywhere!" Maggie lifted up my dick towards the sky and licked it very slowly all the way from the bottom of the sack to the hole on the tip. She licked it, sucked it, jerked it, stroked it, licked and sucked the sides, even put my balls in her mouth. She did everything I watched her do in the video of her and Sean. She must have a bag of tricks that she keeps hidden away. She had no objections when I grabbed and fondled her dangling titties from underneath while she deep throated me again, making her self red in the face, gagging on my tip. "Oh yeah, fondly my huge fuckin' tits." she blurted out. She sucked me off for what had to be 5 more minutes, licking and sucking every single particle of my shaft. When she ran out of ideas she just started slapping my dick against her cheeks. "Boy, I really could use some cum on my face right now!" she announced at a surprisingly loud level for a public beach. She started jerking my dick at hyper speed. I took over immediately, as to not shake the camera too much. She tilted her head back, closed her eyes and smiled as she waited for my glue. I hadn't quite felt it coming it, so I had to force it a bit. I jerked my self off so hard and so fast that I began to sweat. My ball sack slapped back and forth furiously against my cousin's chin. "Ohhhhhh, it's comin'!" I eventually yelled as suppressed as I could. I took a deep breathe in and out came the ropes. Long, sticky, streams of white jelly rapidly covered my cousin's face like a seaweed face mask. The cum that hit her chin dripped down onto her mammoth breasts, slowly dripping like condensation down between her fun bags, and a separate stream that went right down the middle of her left breast, wrapping around her nipple. "Ohhhh, yeah, I love it!" Maggie said to the camera. She started wiping my cum off her face with her fingers and licking it off. "Mmmm, yummy." I moaned from both pleasure and exhaustion. Maggie continued eating my treat off her face for the camera. "Did you enjoy that, Sean? I hope so! I'm gonna go find a gang bang after this." She waved goodbye and stopped recording. Within a second, she looked up at me and just started cackling. "Oh my God!" I exclaimed. "He's probably gonna murder someone after watching that." Maggie said. "Thank you so much for letting me do that." "You're gonna have to clean yourself up!" She evidently hadn't thought about this. hotmyfreecams "Shit, you're right!" "What do you wanna do?" "I'll just camouflage it and then go wash it off in the water." She started rubbing the remaining cum into the skin on her face and tits like it was the sun tan lotion. It was still noticeable, but it was the only option. "Wait here for a couple minutes, and don't come back until I get back." She said and immediately sprinted away with her phone in her hand. I did my best to clean up the dribbling semen from the dick and waited a precisely counted 3 minutes. When I got back to the base, Maggie was just approaching from the water. It seemed to have done the job. Her naked body was wet and shiny, but didn't look sticky anywhere anymore. As I returned, Alice and Chloe were standing and chatting, Mike was relaxed in his chair, and his mother was bent over, rummaging through her bag just a few feet away from him, pronounced labia lips protruding distinctly in his direction. I couldn't tell if he was ignoring them or didn't notice, being enveloped in his phone, but his giant erection had to settle down, pointing at the sun like a flagpole. We all relaxed for another hour or so until some grey clouds started peeking out from the sky. Mike seemed to have gotten used to seeing his immediately family in their natural state -- by the looks of it, maybe even began to enjoy it -- and Chloe seemed to be having a genuine great time getting to know the rest of our gang. She fit in well, was easy to get along with, and god damn, was she good to look at. She was the first person I'd ever known who I'd seen more completely naked than with any clothes on. When we decided it was to pack up, Aunt Jen was the last one to get dressed. She kept her tits out almost all the way to parking lot. They jiggled particularly noticeably on the upward hill toward the entrance, before finally putting only her shirt over them, sticking her bra in her bag, letting her nipples poke through her shirt. We all decided for our last night in Miami that it was time to unload, let everything loose. On a whim decision, we hit the liquor store a couple blocks down from the hotel. By now it had begun to drizzle, and we spent out pretty pennies. Chloe alone bought $70 worth of vodka. We were all riled up. When we got back to the hotel, it was party time.

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